5 Tips To Improve Webcam Video Quality For Marketing

In episode 2 of Sociable Video Sessions: Q+A Edition, Linda wants to know how to improve the look of her web cam videos since that is all she has available to start her video marketing.

Another great question! In this episode I share 5 free and low cost methods to significantly improving the quality and audio of your webcam videos.

iGlasses 3 – http://ecamm.com/mac/iglasses/

Rode Podcaster Mics – http://www.rodemic.com/mics/podcaster

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Video Transcript after the jump.

Hey guys, welcome back to Sociable Video Sessions. This is another Q&A. This question comes from Linda who wants to know, “I only have my webcam to use for my video marketing, but it just doesn’t look that great. Is there anything I can do to improve the look that I get off of my webcam?”
That’s a great question, Linda, and there are a few things you can do to help improve that look. The most important thing is lighting. So turn on all the lights in your house. If you’re near a window you do during the day, get over to that window, maybe diffuse it a little with, a soft cloth, but really crank out as much light as you can around the room. If you have one of the newer iMacs with the huge screen, a lot of times just cranking up the brightness of that iMac will help get enough light on your face to really improve the look.

Another thing you can do is use a program called iGlasses 3 and it’s a great little program that I use and you can increase the brightness, saturation, contrast there are a lot of different things you can do to sort of just up  the look and the production value of your webcam. Another thing that I love that it does is you can fix the framing. So a lot of times I don’t want people to see everything that’s behind me if I use my webcam. So I can fix the framing to only show and move around what I want it to show. Kind of zoom in, cropped out it’s kind of a cool feature. So that’s another thing you can do.

And then also don’t forget about audio. Lighting’s very important, audio, just as important. So you probably don’t want to use the mic that’s on your computer. It’s probably not very good, so there is a lot of mic options you can look into. Some that I recommend are the Rode Podcaster series and I’ll make a few other recommendations down below in the description.

There you have it, Linda, I hope those help you out. If you guys have any other questions regarding video marketing, YouTube marketing or video production, please comment down below, like this video and subscribe above. All right, thanks guys, bye.


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