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 About Me

I work as a producer of digital content in Los Angeles, CA for a company that operates and partners with a network of over 30 pop culture and music related sites and blogs. Day in and day out, I am writing shooting scripts, working with celebrity talent, hiring crew, directing on location, editing together footage, wrestling with tight deadlines and exporting video to the web for millions to see.

Before I moved into video production I worked in search marketing for two years and also ran my own profitable internet marketing business.

You can view my sponsored programming portfolio here and check out my LinkedIn profile for the full story.

We have all noticed the explosion of video on the web over the past few years. YouTube has even become the #2 search engine surpassing Yahoo. But what I have also noticed are bloggers, internet marketers and small businesses struggling with getting video online and utilizing its marketing power in a way that makes sense for them. There has been a lot of haphazard shooting with poor lighting, bad audio, usage of cheesy graphics, green screen not keyed out correctly and confusion of export settings and embed code.  Along with a lack of creative content concepts and implementation of social media promotional strategies including vital video SEO techniques.

I started Sociable Video for three main reasons:

1. To show bloggers, marketers, small businesses, startups and artists the power of video marketing and that it is easier to implement than you might think.

2. To teach and provide you with the techniques, strategies and tools you need (and only what you need) in order to be successful with video and social media marketing.

3. To inject some creativity and new ideas into the world of video marketing and inspire people to think outside the box, when it comes to creative content, style and social sharing motivation.


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