How To Build Instant Trust Using Featured Video Placement


I’ve been loving Francisco’s blog over at SocialMouths lately. There is a million social media blogs out there but this one stands out for me. He uses a clean, easy to read blog design and frequently publishes concise, informative and fun posts. Even if I am knowledgeable on a topic he is covering their is almost always a new piece to the marketing puzzle I pick up on while reading.

His latest post How to Build Instant Trust on Your Website is no exception. It’s a great article complete with lot’s of eye candy graphics and statistics!

In this post I would like to humbly add on to the building trust conversation started in his post. In addition to the valuable strategies discussed in Francisco’s article I would like to add one more. I think it’s the most powerful way to instantly build trust on your site but still is one of the most underutilized.

Yup you guessed it! VIDEO. And even better- QUALITY VIDEO that is well lite, sounds great, engages and is properly featured on your site.

At this point if you want to jump over to read Francisco’s post first, feel free to do so. Just be sure to come back! :)

In Francisco’s article he talks about the human connection factor and never is that factor more direct on your site then when you are leveraging video. Your followers can see you, hear you, and connect with you on subconscious levels that are not possible with text and photos.

In my new Sociable Video training course (to be released soon) I have a whole episode called ‘Leverage The Human Connection Factor Of Video,’ this episode and six others are completely free if you sign-up for my newsletter using the form in the right hand column.

People buy from people and huge companies spend millions trying to humanize their brand to emotionally connect with potential customers. You can do this too by becoming the face of your brand and appearing in video content targeted to your audience. A welcome or product demo featured on the top of your site can go a long way with connecting with your visitors and making them feel more comfortable. Later when they read something you have written on your site they might even imagine your voice and even your face speaking to them. This brings more color to the written word and makes it more powerful as well.

Let’s take a look at some people leveraging video content correctly. It’s interesting that two of the sites Francisco’s uses to demonstrate other trust building strategies are doing a good job utilizing video as well. However with different degrees of prominence and focus. Let’s take a look at those sites and then one more I think is really leveraging video in the correct way.

First up let’s look at Lewis Howes site:


Lewis features a video fairly close to the top of the page that begins by telling his story of how he went from playing professional arena football to becoming an internet marketer. The production quality is solid (produced by Mashable) and your interest is instantly piqued by his unique story. He goes on to tell the rest of the story of his business and give lot’s of great tips on using LinkedIn to grow your business. Within the first minute you are already emotionally invested and have started to trust Lewis. He speaks with authority but with a likable tone on topics related to his market.

Next let’s look at Marie Forleo’s site:

Marie orleo

I love the overall design of Marie’s site! It’s clean with great use of color and large images. Plus she’s on Oprah so she instantly has street credit. :) She uses video a little uniquely in the footer of her site (seen above). It’s a well produced little tease of her looking great and lip syncing to Black Eyed Peas “Imma Be.” After only a few seconds it jumps to a screen that says ‘Wanna See The Whole Video? Enter Your Name & Email For Instant Access” and then has a great big arrow that points to the sign-up form which is directly to the right. Your curiosity is instantly piqued and it’s really tempting to input your info to see the rest of the video! And yes I did it. I would love for this video to be higher up on her site, above the fold, perhaps in the right hand column but Marie’s doing a lot of things right. And again, she has a photo with Oprah so this video becomes slightly less important.

Let’s look at one more! I don’t remember how I stumbled across Corey’s Millionaire by 25 site but I’m glad I did. I can certainly relate to this guys story and the million dollar challenge he has created for himself.

Millionaire By 25

First of all his video is embedded in his header! You can’t get more featured then that- gold stars for Corey! The video (which is very well lite and has decent audio) also gets right to the point, no waiting for a motion graphic opener or branding. Around the :49 mark he jumps from his very well produced sit down interview to a more raw, man on the street feel. Mixing different types of video and changing things up always helps with keeping your audience engaged. He begins to speak about something very personal which will connect emotionally with a lot of viewers.

In this welcome video he has connected the dots from his life story to his current endeavor. In the final 25 seconds he gives the all important call to action, telling people exactly the action he wants them to take to help. All of your videos should include a call to action.

Now some of you at this point may be asking ‘What about you Wayne? Where is your featured video!’ Good question. I’m shooting a few videos Sunday and will have it up shortly. I just spent the last few months making 57 videos for my training course (launching soon) so I needed a little break! lol But I know the trust building power of video is great and I encourage everyone to start taking advantage of it!

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