New YouTube One Channel Design Pros & Cons (and .PSD link) – It’s Here!

YouTube's One Channel Design

YouTube’s new One Channel design layout is here whether we like it or not! ReelSEO reports it will be rolled out to all channels by end of day today (3/7). I was just now able to upgrade my brand new channel by going to the link above and scrolling down to the very bottom of the page to this button:


The overwhelming majority of feedback and opinion of the new design has been fairly negative.

I agree with most of it.

I agree it makes your channel less visually unique and customizable (you now can only create a unique header graphic). Despite YouTube likening your content in the new design to a snowflake and that no two will be alike. A snowflake? Really? Unless you look at it under a microscope all snowflakes look the same! It is true though that a lot of this customization power was abused and made for way too many crappy looking channels. Maybe this is a positive after all.

I also agree the new design can get too cluttered and confusing to the casual viewer. It looks like there are several different sections you can add at your discretion. While it’s good to have options I think too many options can have an adverse effect on your visitors. I prefer the cleaner and easier to navigate 3 sections on the Vice channel to the 7 sections on the Intel channel.


I also really don’t like that some of the content areas of your videos are controlled and chosen by YouTube based on watch time or some other algorithm. It’s my understanding that this is what happens in the ‘What To Watch Next’ spot (prime real estate) that is shown to subscribers of your channel.


HOWEVER. A new responsive design is necessary so your YouTube content can be more easily viewed on mobile platforms like cellphones and tablets. This should be very beneficial to all creators in the long run.

It is also cleaner and more modern looking. This makes it much more friendly to brands and companies which could be interpreted as a good or bad thing (depending on where you fit in the YouTube community). It’s definitely a good thing for the YouTube ad sales team. I’m guessing the drinks are flowing tonight!

I also LOVE that you can create a trailer for your channel that is only seen by non-subscribers. Therefore you can produce a promotional video that really showcases your channel and explains what it’s all about! This will go far in grabbing new targeted subscribers.

My guess is that YouTube will continue to release tweaks and updates to the new design based off user feedback. Rumor has it that it already has few changes that will be announced in the next week or so. For the most part though this new look is probably going to be around for awhile so it’s time to adapt and figure out how to get the most out of it.

If you have a YouTube channel I would do these 2 things as soon as you can:

  1. Create a preview video for your channel.
  2. Create your new header graphic.

Remember this is now the only graphically customizable element on your channel so take the time to really make it shine! Sharpen those Photoshop skills and get to work.

You can download a .PSD of the template over at Howard Pinsky’s IceflowStudios blog to get started.

I’ll be creating a new header for my brand spank’in new channel within the next couple days! I’ll be sure to add it here when I’m finished.

If you liked this article please let me know below and also send me links to your new one channel header graphics so I can check them out!

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