Top Ten Video Landing Page Templates 2013


I’ve been considering simplifying my site design at (even though I just launched) to be a more focused landing page that features my explainer video. After hours of searching I still have not found one that fits all of my needs but I have come across several that I like.

Below are my top ten video landing page templates that might be just what you are looking for.

Side Note: There are several video landing page templates out there that are more sales page oriented and have that “internet marketing” look. I know a lot of these type of pages have been proven to be very effective sales wise. However I personally think they look cheesy and like someone is trying to force sell me something. I prefer to go a more professional looking route while still utilizing some of those same sales page elements.

1. The Landing


2. GoLanding


3. App Solute


4. Lista


5. LandConvert


6. Cuvapage


7. Qloud


8. Lanza


9. ProLead


10. Minimal 6-in-1



Also be sure to check out this great post on how after several A/B tests of a homepage, a large prominent video was shown to significantly increase conversions. Ahhh, the power of a solid video landing page is proven yet again.

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